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Saying various jobs, you give out the Rosetta stone, 
so to speak, of my entire career. -- Augie March

This site is the property and playground of someone with an often inappropriate sense of humor and no small appreciation for irony. If you don't care for such things, you won't care for this web site.

The One Who Didn't Vote (2010)
Terror fades, anger and hate lingers (2006)
An electoral oddity for Harrisonburg, Virginia (2006)
Eating the Bait: Golf, government, gall, God, guile (2003)
Name that Picasso (2003) (I've since learned what it is, but I like the mystery.)
What color is it in sunlight? (Fall 2002)
Priests molesting children? Parish the thought (Summer 2002)
A thoroughly unsuccessful shakedown (Spring 2000)
Bureaucracy isn't too many rules; it's one, with a semicolon. (1999)
Hearts of the matter (June 1999) You gave them what? (1999)
We won: Get over it (July 1999)
I wish that I had never seen, The color of a tan -- gerine. (1996)

Three squares, one shed

Danger, Juan Valdez, Danger!!



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