DNR: Stands for "Do Not Resuscitate" in medical circles, Department of Natural Resources in many states, and Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg, Va. Often factitious, sometimes fictitious, the paper has a staff that truly tries, but falls short of  what it could be because it has just enough cement-heads in key positions.

A&L Daily: Because sometimes you just have to read something that makes you think.
City of Harrisonburg: I'm its mayor (until June 30, 2004, and not a second longer).
NYT: Because they have long thoughtful pieces about things like a proposed Lexus hybrid SUV, and that sort of thing is hard to write about with a straight face.
Washington Post: Because they do GOTCHA stories on the federal government to keep them honest. Somebody has to.
WIRED Because getting all your news from the Post and Times is like getting all your news from the Fox network, except it's not.
IMDB: Everybody knows about this. Right?
Screenit: The second most invaluable movie resource. Never take a kid to the movies without going here first to count the f-words.
MRQE: And one more movie site. For those times when you're not sure what to think about a movie, or wonder if you missed something, or need to find a critic you agree with for future reference.

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