There must be something wrong if you want this job again

Strange but true facts about Harrisonburg city elections (and the amazing contrariness of Harrisonburg voters):
Larry Rogers didn't lose on his own in the 5/2/6 election, but was aided by the curse of the mayors. The last four mayors of Harrisonburg were defeated for re-election. Five of the last seven mayors have eventually lost re-election, though not necessarily while mayor.
It's not just mayors. Nine council members (including mayors) have lost re-election bids, 1990-2006. Only seven members have left of their own volition. Only four have won re-election. (Only Walter Green falls into all the categories.)
So who did win? Of the 22 seats filled, 1990-2006, six were filled by re-elected council members (with Rogers and Hugh Lantz winning re-election twice). Three were filled by returning council members who had lost or chosen not to run in previous elections. The remaining 13 were filled by people who had never served on city council before.
There may be a moral to this story beyond the contrariness of the city electorate, but that seems to be the over-riding theme.
Year Sitting Elected Mayor
1990 Green Shank(?)   Green Heath   Green
1992 Dingledine Rhodes Kite Dingledine Neff Weaver Heath
1994 Green Heath   Lantz Rogers   Neff
1996 Dingledine Neff Weaver Eagle Green Byrd Eagle
1998 Lantz Rogers   Lantz Rogers   Eagle
2000 Eagle Green Byrd Fitzgerald Frank Peterson Frank
2002 Lantz Rogers   Lantz Rogers   Fitzgerald
2004 Fitzgerald Frank Peterson Chenault Pace Eagle Rogers
2006 Lantz Rogers   Byrd Frank    
Outcome Sitting Elected          
Defeated for reelection 9            
Did not seek reelection 7            
Reelected 4 4 *        
Returned   3          
New   13          

*Lantz and Rogers twice

Last Revised: 05.05.06    Publisher: Joseph Gus Fitzgerald