I was born to write so I went to work for newspapers but they kept making me an editor or putting me in charge of the computer system because competency at today's midsize dailies is scarce, and the mindless, heartless, soul-sold bean-counters who run them think reporters are a dime a dozen, although they don't want to pay that much. Then I went to work for a software company writing manuals, but the owner put me in charge of the computer system, although he kept trying to find somebody else and had me write software every time he auditioned a new replacement. Now I'm a webmaster for a state agency, and I was mayor of Harrisonburg for a while due to a minor political miscalculation on my part. I've written two novels and I'm pretty sure the third or fourth one will be publishable. That about covers everything, except for the private details I never could understand why anybody would put on a website.

Last Revised: 01.19.06    Publisher: Joseph Gus Fitzgerald
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